Understanding The Basics Of Fiber Optic Systems

07 Sep

Multidyne gaining popularity among the leading service providers globally. The networks are commonly known by fancy names like Fiber to the Home, Passive-Only Network and Fiber to the Premises. Fiber systems are closed networks where the cables transmit data to different system components.

Just like any other telecommunication system, fiber system starts at the central office or the Head end. This is the point where the signals from video, voice or data from microwave, satellite or other sources are collected. The data is processed into the light and sent through the transmitters into the fiber network. The fiber cables can carry the data at a speed of light throughout the entire system. When the light reaches your home, office or business, that is when it is converted into the original form.

The light is converted into RF or electric impulse is crucial for use by electronics like TV sets, phones and computers. The conversion takes place in a tiny device known as Network Interface Unit or simply Optical Network Terminal.

The Advantages Of A Fiber Optical System

The fiber system can transmit voice, data and video, which means that the service provider will provide comprehensive services to a business or individual consumers. Fiber network is more reliable and convenient than the coaxial. It is less likely to be affected by electrostatic interference. The television and telephone clarity and reliability is unmatched because the bandwidth and transmission capability is quite high. 

Fiber network has great potential when it comes to channel capacity, internet speed, and breadth of services. Unlike traditional systems, optical fiber systems are rarely affected by the high number of internet users. With this network, you can use one set-top box for several televisions without transmission challenges.


The main disadvantage of fiber optic systems is the need to use underground or utility poles during the installation. The initial cost is high, and they are prone to weather and physical damage. This could result in temporary interruptions if the system is damaged and repair is needed. When the initial installations are done professionally, they are unlikely to be destroyed. This means that they can serve you for a long time with minimal downtime if any. Visit this website for more info.

Fiber optic systems are unmatched when it comes to telecommunication networks. It is becoming popular as more people discover their effectiveness. They are commonly used in urban homes for cable televisions, telephones, security cameras, and a broad range of modern smart systems.

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